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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Empty Chair?

The Empty Chair is a counselling centre which provides counselling for concerns related to relationship issues, parenting concerns, work-life balance, anxiety and stress management. We also deal with concerns related to family, life-transitions or adjustment issues, conflict management and behaviour modification, along with specific concerns related to the geriatric population. We offer counselling services via online sessions, in-person sessions and home visits if required.

What is counselling?

Counselling is a two-way, collaborative process where you are provided with a safe, nonjudgmental environment to freely share your concerns and express yourself, and the counsellor helps you work through your concerns and function more effectively.

Why do I need to pay to talk to someone when I can talk to my friends or family?

Friends and family are always there to support you but dealing with an emotional problem requires a degree of skill that is acquired through extensive training and experience. Just like how we visit a specialist or a doctor for any physical injury, a mental health professional can offer you emotional assistance for your mental and emotional concerns.

Are psychologists and psychiatrists different?

Yes, a psychologist is trained in the field of Psychology and uses talk therapy or other modalities in psychotherapy to help you work through  your mental health concerns. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor with an M.D. in Psychiatry. Psychiatrists prescribe medicines while psychologists do not.

Can the counsellor solve all my problems?

At The Empty Chair Counselling Centre, we adopt an eclectic approach to counselling where the counsellor does a detailed intake and takes time to understand your concerns and devise a tailor-made approach for what would work best for you. It is not a process where one size fits all. Also, the role of a counsellor is to empower clients with insights and skills that will enable them to solve their issues rather than being dependent on the counsellor alone for solutions. The counsellor acts as a facilitator and not an expert.

When are you open?

We work Mondays to Saturdays from 10am to 8pm. You may fill the Contact Form to connect with us. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

If your questions haven't been answered, contact us directly.

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